A light bulb appears to be splashing out of turbulent water, with water drops surrounding it

With a Splash Page We Are Open

Open Education Week is coming soon! We have a brand new web site, a new form for sharing events, and a different, distributed approach for collecting assets. But the idea of Open Education Week remains the same as it has been since 2012.

Open Education Week was launched in 2012 by Open Education Global as a collaborative, community-built open forum. Every year OE Week raises awareness and highlights innovative open education successes worldwide. OE Week provides practitioners, educators, and students with an opportunity to build a greater understanding of open educational practices and be inspired by the wonderful work being developed by the community around the world.

While the new web site is prepared for launch (if you are reading this, then it is already launched), we created a simple HTML “splash” site to provide general information about this year’s OE Week.

The splash disappears January 15, 2024 when this new site opens!

If you are curious about this splash page, you can see an archive of what it looked like.

But since we are live, maybe now you might want to look over the entire new site or consider contributing a new event or OER.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Ivan Timov on Unsplash

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