OEWeek 2024 Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in hosting an OEWeek event, sharing an open resource, or just participating in Open Education Week, you may have questions. If your questions are not answered below, feel free to email us info@openeducationweek.org.

Q. How can I make changes or update my submitted event?

A. Look under the My Account menu item for My Events. If you are logged in to this site with the same credentials used to add the event, you can access a list of all events you have submitted. Look under any listed event for an edit link.

If you are not logged in, you can enter the email address and password used to add your event. Once logged in, like for the link to My Events.

Q.  Do I need to submit my event information in English?

A. No. Please submit your contribution in any language. We love to see Open Education expressed in a variety of languages and cultures. The entire OE Week website features a Google translation menu at the lower right of every page so you can view content in your preferred language.

Q.  I can only filter the Event and Asset Archives by year, is there a way to search by keyword?

A. We acknowledge this lack of functionality in OE Week Event and Asset Archives – the new web site will provide more flexible tools.

The best suggestion we have for now is to use web search to restrict search to the archive url format for, say a past event by say “Open Pedagogy” or for an organizer like “Open Oregon”.

Likewise, one could search for previous assets containing “MOOC” or assets mentioning “Repository”.

Q.  We are hosting an event outside the dates of Open Education Week. Is there any way we can still participate?

A. Absolutely, yes! We recognize that the timing of this one week is not optimal for many places around the world. We will always feature events scheduled for other dates on either side of the one week we focus on. Please submit your events. All of them, even ones hosted outside the ‘official’ week, are featured and promoted on the OE Week shared event calendar.

Q. I did not to contribute an event or resource, but still want to be part of Open Education Week. What can I do?

A. Contributions to Open Education Week are certainly welcome, but they are not a requirement to be able to participate in any activity you see listed. Here are some ideas on what this participation might look like:

  1. Display an Open Education Week badge on your website or blog.
  2. Follow @OEWeek on Twitter and @openeducationwk on Facebook and share what is happening.
  3. Share your activities using the #OEWeek hashtag on all your social media channels.
  4. Write blog posts on Open Education Week (share in social media and/or email us so we can post a link on the website).
  5. Share and discuss highlights of your activities on the OEG Connect space.
  6. Customize the OE Week Flyer and display it on your social networks.
  7. Send an email, text message to your colleagues and friends to let them know about all the activities and information available at oeweek.oeglobal.org

Featured Image Credit: questions flickr photo by Enderst07 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

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