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WLS @ OEGlobal: We Like Sharing Open Photo Collection

We at Open Education Global very much like the We Like Sharing Open Photo Competition that TUDeflt has hosted as part of Open Education Week since 2021. Others agree as “WLS” was recognized last year in the Open Education Awards for Excellence in the wildcard category.

Photographs are one of the most easily created and shared forms of media. The process of choosing what to share, how to license it, and ideally create potential for reuse and attribution, makes this an activity that delivers through action the basic understanding of openness.

And yes, We Like Sharing is back for 2024 on the events calendar now.

WLS Open Photo Competition 2024

After having online conversations in OEG Connect with Bea de los Arcos on how replicable this effort is, we decided to invite others to craft their own version of We Like Sharing. And thus, I more or less decided thay OE Global ought to be amongst the ones who do this.

For We Like Sharing @ OEGlobal we invite anyone to share a photograph that communicates a visual metaphor for the potential, benefits, characteristics of openly sharing. We seek especially photos from all parts of the world that convey something special about that place.

Here is how it works. Of course you first need one (or many) photographs to share. Then, upload the image and provide the basic information in our We Like Sharing form including title, location, how to credit yourself, a description for web accessibility, and the Creative Commons license you wish to apply to your photo.

We then will add them to the We Like Sharing @ OEGlobal flickr album, with all attribution information included. There may or may not be prizes, but we certainly will be reusing and attribution images in future OEGlobal communications.

Mostly, we wanted to encourage others to take on the challenge to implement a We Like Sharing for OEWeek. So now at least there is one more “franchise” of We Like Sharing – if you need an incentive, see the wonderful collection TUDelft has built over the last few years. If you would like to spin off your own We Like Sharing, see the details posted in OEG Connect and then let us know by a reply where we can find it.

Page Through the Shared Photos:

We Love Sharing (and re-sharing)

And finally, just to show you how sharing generates re-sharing, the image used in this post and also in our own materials, is one from Bea from the original TUDelft We Like Sharing – Claddagh ring flickr photo by B. de los Arcos shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license.

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