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Open Nursing Education (ONE) Summit

OpenStax and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB)  Houston, TX, United States

OpenStax and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) are joining forces to host our first-ever Open Nursing Education (ONE) Summit! Over the course of two days, you’ll hear from both industry experts and nursing education leaders, instructors, and administrators on critical issues in nursing education and how we can address them. Additionally, you’ll learn how […]

InnoShare – Exploring Multidisciplinary Innovation & Sharing Open Educational Resources

Nguyen Tat Thanh University Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

This is the first time Nguyen Tat Thanh University has participated in the international playground of Open Educational Resources. Open Education Week (OE Week) is an opportunity for actively sharing and learning about the latest achievements in Open Education worldwide, taking place annually in March. In response to the spirit of learning and sharing, the "InnoShare […]

Open educational resources, open source and inclusive practice

Future Teacher 3.0 UK York, United Kingdom

Future Teacher 3.0 UK network organise regular webinar events and store the recordings in a XERTE resource (an open source tool) You are welcome to join our LinkedIn group  Open Educational Resources have fantastic potential to reduce inefficiency. Why would hundreds of staff in hundreds of organisations create their own versions of the same resource if a […]

Семинар-викторина «Профи-ОН» (Seminar-quiz “Profi-ON”)

Россия, Новосибирск Новосибирск, Россия, Russian Federation

В рамках семинара слушатели ознакомятся с основополагающими принципами и компонентами информационной экосистемы открытой науки, получат необходимые навыки и умения по работе с мировыми ресурсами и инструментами открытого доступа, смогут успешно применять полученные навыки в информационной поддержке пользователей библиотеки и активно внедрять новые информационные услуги. Итогом семинара станет викторина, где слушатели смогут проверить полученные знания. Курс […]

We Like Sharing @ OEGlobal

Online from Multiple Locations

Inspired by the TU Delft annual We Like Sharing photo competition a bit of idea brainstorming happened in OEG Connect as a call for other individuals, organizations to remix the idea and run their own version of it. Hence we are doing it here at OEGlobal. Our call for photos is: For We Like Sharing […]

Tập huấn “Khai Thác Sử Dụng và Xây Dựng Tài Nguyên Giáo Dục Mở với OER Commons”

Nguyen Tat Thanh University Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

The Online Training “Utilizing and Building Open Educational Resources with OER Commons." Content and expected outcomes of the training session: 1. Overview of Open Educational Resources (OER): Introduction to the concept, benefits, and roles. 2. Introduction to OER Commons: Understanding the OER Commons platform, its features, and effective usage. 3. Identifying and searching for OER: […]


MIT-ADT University Pune, Maharashtra, India

This is an ONLINE "activity-a-thon" which has asynchronous competitions and synchronous workshop sessions. The theme for this year is Culture and Heritage in a bid to make ourselves aware and share diverse cultures, traditions and heritage. There are few competitions : a) "Stories of Fabric" where participant have to share a photo and the story […]

Fostering Inclusive Education through Open Educational Practices

University of Technology Sydney Sydney, Australia

There is a widespread consensus that open education encompasses both Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Educational Practices (OEP), with the understanding that sharing learning is crucial. According to the Cape Town Open Education Declaration (2007) “…open education movement combines the established tradition of sharing good ideas with fellow educators and the collaborative, interactive culture of the […]

Congratulating the students who successfully completed the flexible learning paths offered on behalf of by King Abdulaziz University.

King Abdul Aziz University Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia

A New Opportunity, a Major Transformation, and a New Era in E-Learning: King Abdulaziz University Launches the Flexible Learning Paths Initiative to Enhance the Professional Skills of its Members. The Flexible Learning Paths Platform provides full access to global courses, programs, and professional certificates through the National E-learning Platform in cooperation with the world's leading […]

Launching a participation campaign in the Saudi national platform for open educational resources.

King Abdul Aziz University Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia

The Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education at King Abdulaziz University will launch a campaign during Open Education Week to share more than 400 open educational resources to facilitate access to diverse high-quality educational content, including videos, video series, online courses, and interactive content to increase the quantity and diversity of open educational content. This […]

Launch Media Plan of “Maharat” Platform for Open Educational Resources

King Abdul Aziz University Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia

Building on King Abdulaziz University's leading role and in line with its strategic goals towards developing community service, the university has launched the "E-Learning Mharat " platform. This platform aims to promote open educational resources and e-learning practices, enhance the competencies of faculty members, and develop students' skills through self-learning, continuous training, and community sustainability […]

Launch of an Open Educational Resources Sharing Campaign via the Taziz Channel

King Abdul Aziz University Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia

The Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education at King Abdulaziz University will launch a campaign through the Taziz channel during Open Education Week to provide over 550 open educational resources to facilitate access to educational content. The aim is to respond to the increasing demand for online education by effectively utilizing open educational resources through […]

ఓపెన్ ఎడ్యుకేషనల్ రిసోర్సెస్ (OER): ఏమిటి? ఎందుకు? ఎలా? విద్యను పoచుదాం…జ్ఞానాన్ని విస్తరిద్దాం

Dr B R Ambedkar Open University Hyderabad, Telangana, India

ఓపెన్ ఎడ్యుకేషనల్ రిసోర్సెస్ (OER): ఏమిటి? ఎందుకు? ఎలా? విద్యను పoచుదాం...జ్ఞానాన్ని విస్తరిద్దాం ఈ సంవత్సరం 2024 ఓపెన్ ఎడ్యుకెషన్ వీక్ లో భాగంగా 2024 మార్చి 4వ తారీఖున మధ్యాహ్నం 12 గంటలకు జస్ట్ రైట్.ఇన్ - హైదరాబాద్ మరియు COEL Dr BRAOU ( సంయుక్తంగా ఒక అవగాహనా కార్యక్రమాన్ని నిర్వహిస్తున్నారు. OER అందరికీ ముఖ్యంగా ఉపాధ్యాయులు, విద్యార్థులు,శాస్త్రజ్ఞులకు ఎంతో ఉపకరిస్తాయి, అంతేకాకుండా అవి అపరిమితమైన అవకాశాలనూ అందిస్తాయి. ఓపెన్ ఎడ్యుకేషనల్ రిసోర్సెస్ (OER) […]

OE Week 2024 Open Education Challenge Series

University of Groningen Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands

5 days, 5 challenges, each done in 10 minutes --> the Open Education Challenge Series organized by the University of Groningen Library. Are you interested in learning more about sharing your teaching materials with the world, reusing top-quality resources created by experts, and helping your students have an impact beyond the classroom? 4-8 March is […]

3 Experiències Innovadores en Educació Oberta

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain

En aquesta activitat 3 professors de diferents departament de la UAB presentaran 3 projectes que tenen en comú la seva implicació amb la innovació a l'aula i el seu compromís amb l'educació oberta. Els projectes són els següents: De l’aula a la taula de joc: construint coneixement compartit a través del projecte PhyloGenome Descripció: PhyloGenome és […]

OEW2024 @ NDU: A Journey into Open Education

Notre Dame University-Louaize Zouk Mosbeh, Beirut, Lebanon

Open Education Week is an annual global event that celebrates the power of open education and the opportunities it presents for everyone. Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) will be hosting a series of engaging events in celebration of Open Education Week 2024. Throughout the week, we will be offering a diverse range of virtual events, including […]

Open Education Week @ Campus Luzern

Campus Luzern Luzern, Switzerland

Der Campus Luzern (Hochschule Luzern, Pädagogische Hochschule Luzern, Universität Luzern sowie die Zentral- und Hochschulbibliothek ZHB) bietet eine Veranstaltungsreihe zu Open Educational Resources (OER) an. In fünf Mittagsbeiträgen, die jeweils von 12.15 bis 13.00 Uhr online stattfinden, werden Beispiele und Werkzeuge im Zusammenhang mit OER vorgestellt. Das Programm beginnt mit einer Standortbestimmung zu Open Education. […]

Affordable Learning KY’s Virtual Symposium – Open Education for a Sustainable Future

Affordable Learning Kentucky Frankfort, KY, United States

We are excited to invite you to Affordable Learning KY's free virtual seminar celebrating OE Global’s Open Education Week on March 4th, 2024 from 10:00 am - 4:15 pm (Eastern). This year's theme is "Open Education for a Sustainable Future," and we have a fantastic lineup of presenters and activities planned. Join us for the […]

Creative Commons Certificate: Licensing Q&A webinar with Meredith Jacob

Creative Commons Mountain View, CA, United States

This event is presented as part of the current session of Creative Commons Certificate courses. During the courses, participants have the opportunity to participate in a variety of webinars about topics across open education, open access, and open culture. This webinar is also being opened to the public as part of Open Education Week. Licensing […]

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