Integration of OER with regular/formal academic programmes

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The actual integration of OER in regular academic programmes is required to extend the learning facilities available everywhere. Informal learning is an around-the-clock opportunity for improvement and progress. In this context, OER comes as a natural resource to integrate content and resources worldwide, into the personal learning path. Furthermore, to integrate people behind the OER as the real learning community of individuals and groups, who might support this path. The adequate combination of OER with regular programmes opens an honest collaboration between extended knowledge, and diverse sources, at the service of students and professors. There is a need to find the contract for a good understanding and mutual benefit between OER and regular academic programmes. In this session we will provide a number of keys, actions and risks, along this exciting process.

Main Speaker: Daniel Burgos, Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, Spain 

Discussant: Carlos Enrique Montenegro-Marin, University of Oviedo, Spain



Contributed by: Cristina Stefanelli

Date and Time: Mar 13, 2015 14:00
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