Gdańsk University of Technology Library entry for #OEW20

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During Open Education Week 2020 at Gdańsk University of Technology (GUT) we are going to carry out the following actions (both local on the campus and in the internet):

  1. Promotion of Open Education Week 2020 events.
  2. Preparing and circulating at Gdańsk University of Technology Campus #OEW20 posters.
  3. Promoting the idea of Open Education in the GUT Library’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Information Kiosk) through distributing OA and OE research resources corresponding to the disciplines studied at the Gdańsk University of Technology and Open Education Resources available at the digital library ;
  4. Promoting of OpenStax free college physics textbook at GUT Library’s branches.
  5. Organizing a two-day event at GUT Library (03-04.03.2020) entitled Relax with OER. GUT Library has prepared 2 tasks:
    • The first one is based on a card game.
      During the event we will encourage students to play Science Communicator card game, which is to popularize the idea of scientific communication system not only among students, but also among other members of GUT community. Players take on the role of scientists who try to publish the results of their research in a successful way.
    • The second task is #ColorOurCollections, which is connected with coloring Public Domain images.

Gdańsk University of Technology Library

Poland, Gdańsk

Contributed by: Urszula Szybowska (contact person)

Language: Polish

Date and Time: Mar 02, 2020 09:00
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