Wanted: #WhatShouldBeOpen (in education) A campaign for the Open Education Week by OERinfo and #OERcamp

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There are now openness initiatives for many things in the world: from Open Moon to Open Water, from Open Street Map to Open Educational Resources. At the same time, there are many things that are not yet open, although many people would like them to be. We want to collect these things and invite you to participate in the launch of #WhatShouldBeOpen.

How does #WhatShouldBeOpen work?

  • You think about #WhatShouldBeOpen, i.e. where you would like more openness.
  • You write / photograph / film / twitter the result of your considerations. Very important: Use the hashtag #WhatShouldBeOpen and during the Open Education Week also #OEweek.
  • Of course you can do this several times.
  • If your result is not already available on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with this hashtag, send us an email with the link to teamOER@joeran.de. We will then spread the word via Twitter at OERinfo.
  • The campaign will run during the Open Education Week, from March 2 to 6, 2020, where we invite you (and everyone else) to view, discuss, share and link to other people’s contributions.
  • The most popular (i.e. most liked) contributions will be published in a best-of article on OERinfo the following week.

Informationsstelle OER – OERinfo

Germany, Hamburg

Contributed by: Gabi Fahrenkrog

Language: German

Date and Time: Mar 02, 2020 09:00
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