Evaluating Open Pedagogies

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This session will be a round table regarding evaluating Open Pedagogy and Quality. This discussion will attempt a definition of Open Pedagogy and discuss the complex issues of student agency, accessibility, roles, and the importance of standards in the implementation of an Open pedagogical model. After the discussion between the panelists, there will be space for comments, concerns and queries from others.

Tim Carson (BCcampus)
Sally Vinden (Vancouver Island University)
Lucy Griffith (Vancouver Community College)
Nicole Rehn (New Brunswick College of Craft and Design)
Chad Flinn (Medicine Hat College)

Local time: 10:30am - 11:30am MST

University of Alberta

Canada, Edmonton, Alberta

Twitter: @ualbertactl

Contributed by: Krysta McNutt (Twitter: @mcnuttsays)

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 11, 2022 17:30 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)