Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS): Uses and Examples for Life and in the Classroom

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Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) is cost-free software (free as in no cost) where users are given access and allowed to distribute the source code (free as in libre). FLOSS rival many of the standard for-cost software packages, but may not be as well known. In this webinar, I will introduce FLOSS for activities, such as image manipulation, video creation and editing, and statistical analysis, and show examples of how I use these resources in my life and in my classroom. This is an expansion of my talk from OER Week in 2018:
Preferred date and time: Morning of Wednesday or Thursday, but let me get back to you in a day. Afternoon of one of those days may work.

Millersville University

United States of America, Millersville, PA

Twitter: @millersvilleu

Contributed by: Gregory Szczyrbak

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 10, 2022 20:00 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)

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