Massively Open Course Development - Design, Prototype and Refinements Processes

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The workshop, across three phases, will help participants to create a 3-part checklist of ‘open by design’ elements that can be applied to any course development. Part 1 will look at design considerations, Part 2 will discuss prototyping processes, and Part 3 will outline steps to refining the course in partnership with learner participants. The workshop will wrap up with a walk-through of an open course that follows the model presented today. The course is open-licensed and can be integrated within any institution/organization wishing to support their people to create quality tech-enabled learning experiences! Who can/will participate? Anyone who is interested in creating massively open courses that support online learning experiences. What will a participant need to be part of this? General experience and knowledge of learning management systems, awareness of technology tool benefits and drawbacks, general knowledge about how formal learning is structured, and what motivates people to learn. What will be the outcomes of the activity? A 3-part checklist, created by participants, of ‘open by design’ elements, that can be applied to any course development.

Lakehead University

Canada, Thunder Bay

Twitter: @LUteaching

Contributed by: Lisa O'Neill (Twitter: @capermags)

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 09, 2022 09:00
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