AI in Higher Ed student panel discussion

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This is an open invitation to a student-led online event to discuss and debate the use of AI in higher education learning and teaching from the student perspective. Interest in AI has exploded in the last few weeks especially and the potential implications for education are discussed widely. Excitement and fear are in the air. Related articles, papers and events are flooding our inboxes and social media streams.

  • Could/Will AI change education forever?

While critical and creative voices are emerging from many educators, researchers and senior leaders, the voices of students seem to remain largely unheard. This event will be an opportunity for all of us to listen to students, to listen to their thoughts and ideas, reservations and excitements, about AI in education. The aim of the event is to come together as a community, educators and students to start an open, critical and creative discussion about AI in education. The event will help broaden our individual and collective horizons, consider student perspectives in the wider related discussions in universities, and work together, educators and students, in co-designing learning, teaching and assessment pathways are meaningful and exciting and help us all move forward with positivity and ambition. Is AI an opportunity or a threat?

Save the date! 8 March 2023 16:00-17:00, UK time

 The online event, which will last one hour, will be in Teams and feature a student panel discussion based on provocations around the use of AI in education, followed by an open question and answers session to engage the audience in the conversation. All students, educators and the wider public, are very welcome to join us.  If you are a student in higher education and would like to submit a provocation to be considered for this event, please tick the relevant box in the booking form and a member of the organising team will be in touch. Please note, all student provocations will be reviewed with care by the organisers, to select three to be presented during the event. The student panel aims to select provocations that are critical and create and represent diverse views on the topic. All provocations will be collated and shared after the event with the wider community as an openly licensed educational resource in which each contributor will be fully acknowledged. It is envisaged that this resource could be used for inquiries and learning and development activities with students and educators to further our individual and collective understanding in this area. If your institution would like to join us to co-host the event, please get in touch with Stephen Taylor at

University of Leeds School of Education

United Kingdom, Leeds

Twitter: @Education_Leeds

Contributed by: Stephen Taylor (Twitter: @SteTaylorGFA)

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 08, 2023 16:00
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