Creating an Open Health Professions Curriculum Exchange

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We are living in the era of the sharing economy, which is built around the principle of technology facilitating the exchange of goods, services, and, increasingly, knowledge. While OER has made incredible strides in K-12 and higher education, adoption has been slower in medical education.  Moreover, there are questions about the viability of an open health professions education curriculum exchange and how it could work. <br /> <br /> In this session, Dr. Tao Le will show how the combination of the free Bricks Create authoring tool and the ScholarRx Brick Exchange—where institutions can access and customize learning modules developed at other schools—could help free up faculty time to develop high-value teaching activities. It could also help mitigate faculty apprehensions, through a community of like-minded educators who are customizing and sharing open content to help students succeed in active learning environments, while providing a consistent education experience that better aligns with common competencies and licensure exams, so students will have a solid, transferable foundation of knowledge as they progress.


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United States, Louisville, Kentucky

Twitter: @scholarrx

Contributed by: Jeff Downing

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 10, 2023 20:00
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