Pressbooks Directory and OER Collections Hub: Treasure Troves for Adaptable, Open Learning Materials

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For most educators, the open education journey begins with search: Where can I find OER content that’s a good fit for my discipline, courses and students?

This session provides a brief introduction to two powerful, expanding, and freely available search resources:

  • Pressbooks Directory is a searchable repository of over 5,000 books published by 140+ colleges, universities, libraries, non-profits, presses, and other organizations using the Pressbooks open publishing platform. Books cover a wide range of topics, and the vast majority are freely available, openly licensed and adaptable textbooks and college-level learning materials.
  • The OER Collections Hub offers curated collections of “best of” Pressbooks creations in areas such as Student-led OER, Language Learning, Accessibility, Indigenous Voices, Technology, and more. Join us to learn more about each resource, and bring your suggestions for other curated OER collections you’d like to see.


Canada, Montreal, Quebec

Twitter: @pressbooks

Contributed by: Hyunsoo Kanyamuna

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 07, 2023 20:00
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