Quality Assurance of H5P-based Interactive Contents

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This open forum will discuss current practices and strategies for insuring quality assurance in the design and adoption of H5P- based Open Education Resources (OER). The lack of quality standards for designing H5P-based interactive resources can be a major barrier for its wide adoption, re-use and sharing as teaching, learning and training assets. This panel will discuss current strategies and will engage participants in initiating a global community of practice to further quality assurance research and to raise awareness. We anticipate the creation of a global community to implement a quality framework and validated instruments for the evaluation and quality assessment of OER-based H5P content.

Sponsors: |Southern University Baton Rouge |Southern University system | MERLOT & Skillscommons | Digital Education Consulting - DEC |

Southern University System

United States, Baton Rouge

Twitter: @SMED College Science and Engineering

Contributed by: Moustapha Diack (Twitter: @moustaphadiack)

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 10, 2023 16:00
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