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e-cienciaDatos, the research data repository launched by Consorcio Madroño in 2016, is the first initiative of this type created by Spanish universities. Madroño is a Spanish library consortium of public universities from the Autonomous Region of Madrid and the National Distance Education University (UNED) aimed to increase and strengthen the research productivity, to improve the quality of library services and to foster the cooperation initiatives among its partner institutions. e-cienciaDatos (data repository) is integrated in InvestigaM, Madroño's research portal offering access to scholarly publications (e-ciencia documents repository) as well as to PaGoDa (PGD Online), a tool aimed to create data management plans. The data repository is based on the free software from the Dataverse Project and works as a centralized system where datasets are grouped by communities according to the different universities. The OpenAIRE guidelines have been implemented to make the repository compliant with the European Commission Open Access Policies in Horizon 2020. Since metadata can be harvested, the visibility of the data available on the repository is increased. By default e-cienciaDatos is publishing the research data in open access unless legal, ethical or industrial property right issues prevent them from being publicly available. The repository is thus fostering that the data can be used, reused and disseminated in open access without restrictions. Datasets normalized descriptions are based on a variety of metadata standards (DCMI, DataCite schema, etc.). Each dataset is provided with a normalized citation, including the Digital Object Identifier (DOI), so that the data creators can be easily referenced by other authors. In further developments there will be a curation, preservation and long-term access plan for the datasets available on e-cienciaDatos.

Consorcio Madroño: Consorcio de Universidades de la Comunidad de Madrid y de la UNED para la Cooperación Bibliotecaria

Spain, Madrid

Contributed by: Ianko López

Language: Spanish

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