Digital Education with Cultural Heritage MOOC

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With the aim of increasing digital cultural data as a trusted primary source, the Europeana ‘Digital Education with Cultural Heritage’ MOOC will empower teachers and educators to use digital technologies, essential to develop learners' 21st century skills. This online course will explore the educational potential of digital cultural heritage, improving teachers’ and educators’ understanding so you can efficiently integrate it into your lessons and practices, regardless of the subject. The final goal is to design engaging and deep-learning content for students, museumgoers, or lifelong learners to prepare them as active and responsible citizens. The MOOC is organised around the principle of peer learning, with course content designed to stimulate reflection and discussion so that participants can learn from each other’s experiences and ideas. The course is offered in English, and participants will receive a digital course certificate and badge upon completion of the full course. The course is relevant to teachers of all subjects and levels (primary and secondary), museum educators, and anyone who wants to design educational activities using Europeana, like librarians, archivists, curators, and other non-formal educators. Other educational professionals and stakeholders with an interest in the topic, such as heads of schools, school support staff and policy makers in education and culture, are also welcome to join.

Europeana Foundation

Netherlands, The Hague

Contributed by: Isabel Crespo

Language: English

License: CC-BY-SA