Immersive Experiences in Natural and Cultural History Education

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Imagine being transported into an entirely new world, or see the world you know being transformed in fantastical ways: that is what immersive experiences can deliver. Traditional classroom learning can be restrictive and at times dull, but virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) can offer transformative learning experiences that are novel, interactive, and exciting. There is nothing quite like the immersive experience that this media and these technologies offer. It these experiences and this technology pertaining to education and natural and cultural history that we explore in this OER created by Erica Hargreave, Johannes Wielenga, and Yannick Wong.

UBC MET / StoryToGo

Canada, Richmond, BC

Contributed by: Erica Hargreave

Language: English

License: CC-BY-SA