Built with Bits

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This Europeana mentoring programme and educational challenge contributed to the New European Bauhaus movement by inviting students and educators to design beautiful and sustainable spaces with Mozilla Hubs.
Imagine your students not just sitting through their lessons, but virtually building the experiences they are learning about! And imagine if, in the process, they could contribute to a more beautiful and sustainable future for Europe.
In 2021, our eight-week mentoring programme helped educators and teachers to achieve this by combining collaborative learning experiences and digital technologies with the values of accessibility, inclusivity and sustainability that are at the heart of the European Commission’s New European Bauhaus movement.

The programme explored how virtual experiences can be used within education and is designed for teachers and educators working with students in secondary education in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. This online programme helped teachers to:
- Explore virtual and extended reality technologies
- Learn how to create virtual spaces with Mozilla hubs, a virtual collaboration platform that can be run in any browser, from any device.
- Learn how virtual spaces can be used in collaborative processes
- Discover existing projects and examples of immersive spaces using cultural heritage that will inspire you and spark your students’ imaginations.
Would you like to follow the Built with Bits programme in your own time? Then explore the video tutorials! They take you step by step through how to work with Mozilla hubs and explore virtual and explore bringing extended reality technologies into the classroom. You can find all of the videos and more resources on the programme’s website

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Contributed by: Isabel Crespo

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