convOERter: A web-based tool to convert educational resources to OER

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convOERter is a tool that converts the educational resources to OER. The tool (convOERter) is designed to read a file, extract all images as well as all possible metadata and substitute them with OER elements in a semi-automated manner. The web-based analysis tool consists of two components: The frontend, which provides the user interface that accomplishes the import, conversion and final download of the teaching materials. The backend, which records the concrete substitution operations, i.e., which original images in the presentation are replaced by new images from the available external sources. The detailed workflow of the tool can be summarized as follows: After receiving the input file in the first step, the system extracts the images and provides the user with the opportunity to search for keywords related to this image. After searching in different OER portals, the tool presents viable replacements. The user can then choose the most suitable replacement among the suggested options. This step will be repeated until all images in the input file have been processed. In the last step, the selected images are replaced automatically. The file is then exported with the requested changes and with a proper license for each image as well as for the whole file. In this session, we are going to introduce the tool and illustrate its functionalities.

RWTH Aachen University

Germany, Ahornstr. 55 52074 Aachen

Contributed by: Lubna Ali

Language: English

License: Other