Frontiers for Young Minds: kids' science journal

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Frontiers for Young Minds (FYM) is a unique, completely free, open access kids' science journal that publishes articles written by top researchers, and edited by kids aged 8-15. By enabling our young reviewers to be part of the publication process in our peer review, we ensure that cutting-edge new research and core scientific concepts are accessible to their young peers, and we also inspire the scientists of tomorrow to ask the right questions now.

We publish in six broad subject areas: Astronomy and Physics, Biodiversity, Earth & its Resources, Human Health, Mathematics, Neuroscience & Psychology, and we make materials available in English, Hebrew and Arabic.
The journal has won awards for its easy-to-navigate website and for its active implementation of the UNESCO Open Education Resources Recommendation.
In 2021, FYM had 800 articles, produced by 2050 authors, 3850 young reviewers and 680 science mentors.
Check out our special Nobel Collection, where Nobel Prize winners in multiple fields discuss what they discovered, how they ‘figured it out’ and why they chose their path of science and discovery - more articles are coming to this Collection soon!


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Switzerland, Vaud

Twitter: @frontiersin

Contributed by: Laura Henderson (Twitter: @FrontYoungMinds)

Language: English

License: CC-BY