Metadata Learning & Unlearning (Medium Publication for OpenGLAM OER)

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Fostering dialogue around cultural memory, data equity, and open education.

This Medium publication, launched March 10th 2022, is a new series of min-essays that raise questions and make proposals for what metadata does and can do. Grounded in digital cultural heritage objects under CC/public domain license, these interventions celebrate OpenGLAM and its vast OER pedagogical potential even as they address the colonialist erasures and cultural appropriation encoded into standard inherited descriptive metadata. How can educators, students, artists, researchers, community members, and online seekers engage in metadata-layering as a site for emancipatory cultural recovery? What would it mean to build a community of practice around antiracist, feminist metadata annotation, committed to Indigenous data sovereignty and decoloniality? How could such collaboration advance critical cultural dialogue of knowledges--in and way beyond classrooms? This essay series serves as OER case studies to ask and answer these questions together. Join us~!


United States of America, DC

Twitter: @Curationist_Edu

Contributed by: Garrett Graddy-Lovelace (Twitter: @Curationist_Edu)

Language: English

License: CC-BY