Open Content Toolkit

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The Open Content Toolkit is an online resource that links to millions of items of contemporary and historical open-content media and texts from around the world.

The toolkit is aimed at education and is designed to provide a platform to find, explore, discuss, use, and share examples of open media, at all levels of education. It is a cross-curricular knowledge resource; free and open anyone. It is designed to develop an awareness of, and showcase open resources, media archives, cultural heritage and digital humanities.

Open content offers enormous benefits for education. Using the categorised menu; students teachers and other educators can use open media archives and web portals to find resources for their work, safely, creatively, under various open licences, without fear of infringing copyright.

The resource is updated on a regular basis.

NA (personal Project)

United Kingdom, Leeds, Yorkshire

Twitter: @theokl

Contributed by: Theodore Kuechel (Twitter: @theokl)

Language: English

License: CC-BY