Video Series: Exploring the Medieval Manuscript Book

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Leiden University Libraries, a partner of the Art of Reading in the Middle Ages project, invited Dr O’Daly to participate in a video series, introducing a wider audience to the fascinating world of the medieval manuscript book. This collaboration resulted in eight short videos, recorded in the Library’s Special Collections Reading Room. O’Daly presents the materiality of the codex from different angles, such as script, lay-out, traces of scribes and users. Every book she shows is made available as a digital facsimile by Leiden University Libraries on Europeana. We invite you to watch the videos first, and afterwards enjoy browsing and viewing the manuscripts yourself, for as long as you like, with ample opportunity to zoom in on details of your choice.

Leiden University Libraries

Netherlands, Leiden

Twitter: @ubleiden

Contributed by: Erik-Jan Dros

Language: English

License: CC-BY