BOOK: Voices from the Digital Classroom

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Voices from the Digital Classroom: 25 Interviews about Teaching and Learning in the Face of a Global Pandemic 

Edited by Sandra Abegglen, Fabian Neuhaus, and Kylie Wilson

2022, University of Calgary Press

Available as: free, open-access ebook (shared under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence) - and paid-for paperback.



The sudden shift to remote education in response to the COVID-19 pandemic created both a unique challenge and a unique opportunity. Students and instructors alike were required to quickly adapt to the digital classroom, adjusting methods, material, and pedagogical approaches on the fly.

Bringing together twenty-five interviews from the frontline of emergency remote education, Voices from the Digital Classroom portrays the struggles, innovations, and resilience of students, instructors, and educational professionals in the face of COVID-19. These interviews offer a unique, of-the-moment perspective on an exceptional time.

Complemented by additional voices that expand on stories told to reflect on challenges, successes, and lessons learned, Voices from the Digital Classroom is both a time-capsule and a vision for the future. It provides new insights into pandemic teaching and learning, a remarkable lens into the daily realities of the digital classroom, and an inspiration for the future of remote education in a post-pandemic world.

TALON, the Teaching and Learning Online Network

Canada, Calgary, Alberta

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Contributed by: Sandra Abegglen (Twitter: @sandra_abegglen)

Language: English

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