Clicks On - Climate change educational toolkit.

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The Clicks On project is a European project which focuses on the following target groups in secondary schools that are the students, the teachers, administrative non-educational (ANE) staff and the school leaders with several aims that impact them: 

  1. to raise awareness on climate issues and carbon accounting among the greatest number of students, teachers, school leaders and ANE staff 
  2. to develop and offer a Climate change educational toolkit replicable at a European scale 
  3. to harmonize and share at the European level educational materials, experiences and practices related to climate emergency and carbon accounting. 

It involves 7 schools (6 associated and 1 partner) that are testing the project outputs: 3 schools in France, 2 in Italy and 2 in Spain. In total, 14 teachers, 7 ANE staff, 7 school leaders, and 260 students are involved.

During the school year, students, supported by their teachers will learn about energy issues, human activities and their impacts, calculate their school’s carbon footprint and draw an action plan based on the result.  To discover our full material, please check our website : Homepage - ClicksOn which gathers all the material developed by the European Consortium (pedagogical support and activities, access to an online calculator, and news about the project).

Here we would like to highlight 2 of our main outputs : the Student kit and the Facilitator package. 

  • The student kit section gathers all the contents that are meant to be used with the students in the classrooms. Among the student kit materials you will find all the modules and the suggested activities with specific materials. Student Kit - ClicksOn 
  • The Facilitator Package is designed for teachers or ANE staff to support them in carrying out the project along the year. It will allow them to better understand the Clicks On topics and comprehension of Clicks On process. In this Package you will find: A general Handbook covering the full process, the Awarness session, the Teaching scheme,  Data collection guide, etc. Facilitator Package - ClicksOn 

Check our presentation video to understand in detail!

French version

English version 

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Contributed by: Elise Yonneau

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