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The UPOU Networks is the online repository of all multimedia resources produced by UPOU. It has five main features:

  • UPOU Commons – a repository of university-produced open educational resources (OER). It is licensed under CC BY NC ND
  • UPOU Publications – a repository of university-produced publications and journals that are open educational resources with creative commons license: CC BY NC ND
  • UPOU Live – features lectures, fora, research presentations, seminars, and other university events that are web-streamed in real-time. It enables the university to communicate/reach out to it various publics scattered all over the world. Online viewers are also given the chance to interact with the presenters/speakers through an online chat.
  • UPOU On Record – an internet radio and a repository of podcasts produced by UPOU.
  • UPOU Featured Program – showcases UPOU program offerings on a bi-weekly basis.

The UPOU Networks is a portal where UPOU stakeholders can access a plethora of knowledge in different media types. Also, it serves as the university’s window to the world where communal interaction happens in real time. The UPOU Multimedia Center manages the site.

University of the Philippines Open University

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Philippines, Laguna

Twitter: @upouofficial

Contributed by: UP Open University Office of Public Affairs

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