Supplemental reading instruction for primary year students with reading difficulties

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Over the last three decades, the development of evidence-based practices have resulted in the formation, evaluation, and identification of numerous practices in teaching reading to students who are at-risk of reading failure. However, many of these practices have not attained their potential to impact students’ reading-related outcomes as studies report the lack of implementation of these practices in school settings (e.g., Daniel & Lemons, 2018).

This impact initiative aims to bridge the research to practice gap that currently exists in providing reading instruction for students at-risk of reading failure and students with learning difficulties/disabilities (LD). Students who perform below-average on reading measures, compared to peers, are considered at-risk of reading failure, and include those identified with learning difficulties.

The goal of this impact initiative is to develop a corpus of open educational resources comprising lesson plans that embed evidence-based practices to support reading growth in primary grade readers at-risk of reading failure.

This project aims to provide teachers, teaching assistants, and care givers of Year 3 and 4 pupils who are at-risk of reading failure access to scripted lesson plans to help improve pupils' reading-related outcomes. Reading theories and current recommendations in the field form the foundation of these lesson plans that are multicomponent in nature (Daniel et al., 2021).

Durham University

United Kingdom, Durham

Contributed by: Johny Daniel

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