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Online learning is now found in every area of education, from schools to skills training. More people than ever learn through online courses. Even where teaching is primarily ‘face to face’, online tools and interactions have become a key part of the learning experience.

But teaching online is different. If you work in education or training at any level, you need to develop new skills and understanding in order to make the right decisions, make the most of the opportunities, and overcome common challenges.

The Open University trialled our first fully online course in 1989. We are now world leaders in the research and delivery of online education. In this free course, we share the fundamental knowledge needed to deliver effective teaching online.

This course is suitable for anyone moving teaching online, including educators, collaborators/support staff and leaders. In the course, you will be introduced to online education, hear about the experiences of other educators, and learn about principles of effective, inclusive and accessible online education.

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Contributed by: Patrina Law

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