OE Week Dashboard Stats and Numbers

Event Numbers

Here we are seeing how well the [postcount] shortcode works.

So far we have published 10 news items under What’s New?

And in the events corner, we can say as of now we have published 281 and there are 0 in the queue to be reviewed (pending status)

Represented are 152 organizations from 133 locations.

Open Assets

By Week

Postcount Shortcode Reference

They can be used in any post, page, sidebar:

  • [postcount] number of published blog posts
  • [postcount type="tribe_events"] number of published events
  • [postcount type="tribe_events" status="pending"] number of submitted events waiting to be reviewed (pending status)
  • [postcount type="tribe_organizer"] number of organizers
    • [list_organizers]
  • [postcount type="tribe_venue"] number of organizer locations
    • [list_venues] list all locations

Events List Shortcode

Use [tribe_events_list]

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